Symbolism Of Symbolism In Shakespeare's Romeo, Venice

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Astonishingly, two star crossed lovers could make an array of bricks a must-see tourist attraction for miles. Of all the hope and love I stand for, I remain a symbol of my home Verona, Italy. I, Juliet's Wall, am known for my Shakespearean origin, my deteriorating sides, the organization who responds to letters, and my symbolism of hope for lovers. I was built in 12th century Italy, it is a small country with a rich history and large tourist appeal. It is imperceptibly larger than the U.S. state Arizona and slightly smaller than Norway. The temperatures are moderate with warmer summers and cool rainy winters. Verona is the monumental city in which William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” took place. Inside my walls is a small…show more content…
As well as keeping the outside clean there have been renovations and remodeling that mirror my original design. An article on the restoration stated, “ In fact, recent studies on medieval living give us an image of a living environment that was quite similar to Capuleti House.” (Casa) The medieval structure is observed and compliments the detailed elements in each room including the rooms, banister, and paintings. The banister connects multiple rooms of the house and makes them flow. Although some original art can be seen, various new paintings were added that reflect the art style of the 12th century. Today I am the only standing soul who has seen this residence in its original state which remains a mystery to the common eye.
Inside my walls lies a volunteer organization working to keep the Shakespearean character alive. Thousands of letters arrive at my doorstep addressed to Juliet Capulet and the bodies inside respond in the persona of Juliet. This has continued since the 1930s and myriad volunteers have responded to letters that ask for advice in their relationships and admirations. The messages began as described in the book “Letters to Juliet”, “So Solimani, true to form, slipped into his character and began replying, in order to 'calm that too rough sea and console some who weep uncontrollably." (Friedman) A man named Somali began to reply to letters addressed to Juliet and took on persona to
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