Symbolism Of The Monolith And Re Red By Stanley Kubrick

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Human made structures in this film are curved and spherical. However, before our main characters are presented with the monolith for the first time the rooms and spaces they inhabit are square and sharp in nature. The meeting room on the Clavius, HAL’s core on the Discovery. This impending doom is a subtly hint by Kubrick, an indication that the monolith is about to appear, the sharp lines and dark interiors replace smooth curves and white walls. All this gives a sense of dread and powerlessness from the onset of the monolith. Humans are simply pawns, running about. White is a predominant color in Kubrick films. From the costumes, liquids and phallic sculptures of A Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick, US/UK, 1971) to almost every set in 2001. White is safe in 2001, comforting and non-threatening. This is juxtaposed with red.…show more content…
Introduced first by the apes at the beginning and then used throughout to emphasize the notion of humanity and other intelligence i.e. the monolith. The moon base interior looks like a vascular system and HAL’s core looks like a brain. Kubrick gives life to spaces through the use of red in 2001. Making the audience feel and subconsciously know and feel different upon the introduction of red from the offset when one ape kills another. Black is used for the absence of knowledge. The intro to the film is a black screen. The monolith is black. Space is black. The scene where Poole floats off through space and is subsequently devoured by it is dimly lit by the stars in space, he becomes a speck in the vastness of uncertainty. Black is used as fear in this film, the unknown, we begin with black and end with it, the monolith leads us through time in a sequence filled with and color and only then do we know of its intention to be brought right back to the beginning of the

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