Symbolism –Rendering the Hidden Meaning of the Story

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Symbolism –Rendering The Hidden Meaning of The Story Symbolism is an important element in reinforcing the meaning of a story. It is a kind of formalist strategies which helps the reader understand the images that the author is trying to say in words. Symbolism is widely used in “The Story of An Hour” and “The Cranes”, which use conventional symbols, literary symbols, and even allegory. “The Story of An Hour” is written by Kate Chopin. Mrs. Mallard hears of her husband’s death from her husband’s friend Richards. At first, she feels depressed, but then she feels free and can have her own new life after thinking things through. Sadly, her “new” life is cut short by the abrupt return of Mr. Mallard. Mrs. Mallard, who has a bad heart, was so…show more content…
The couple is symbolized as crane but they commit suicide to end their dreadful life suffering from their sickness. The author uses the water and hull of car as symbols in the story. “the water looked like metal, still and hard.” (Meinke, 259) and “The hull of the car gleamed beetle-like –dull and somehow sinister in its metallic isolation.” (Meinke, 260) shows the symbolization by describing the water and hull of the car. Both of the descriptions are related to the gun that the couple uses for committing suicide. They are hard, metallic like, and callous which is just like the gun. These also symbolize the grim tone in the story. It is stillness because the couple is going to commit suicide. The final symbol in the story is the direction that the cranes fly to. “…their great wings beating the air and their long slender necks pointed like arrows toward the sun.” (Meinke, 260) After the couple kiss and close the eyes, the cranes fly toward the sun. This is a symbol of western paradise of ultimate bliss, which means they kill themselves by shooting the gun to end their lives. Flying toward the sun is a traditional symbol that says that people will go to paradise after they die. The combination of those symbols in the story raises the controversy of suicide to the readers. Refering to the story, the couple chooses euthanasia because they are in pain from sickness. It also raises the question of whether we
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