Symbolism and Irony in The Cask of Amontillado

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Symbolism is something that represents more than what it really is. It is often by authors in their writing to give it more emphasis. For example:" In life there will always be peaks and valleys" meaning in life there will be ups and downs but we should enjoy the peaks and fight through the valleys. Objects can also be a form of symbolism such as The Bible, it represents more than just a book. It represents Life, Church, Religion, and the life of Jesus Christ and what he stood for. Irony is like a twist or words or the opposite of what is intended. For example: Laughing at someone that just slipped and fell, then later you find yourself slipping and falling is a form of irony. Irony is found in real life situations as well as writings. …show more content…
Gullibility would also represent Fortunato because if it wasn’t for his gullibility he probably would’ve never gone with Montresor into the Catacombs where it was so dark and mysterious .Him dying in the end of the story could’ve been avoided if he would have been more aware of what he was getting himself into. Fortunato should have been paying more attention to the way Montresor was acting and how offering he was being towards him.
The “Amontillado represents a rare attitude” Russ implies, because it was used to capture Fortunatos attention and lure him into the catacombs where he would be killed for insulting Montresor. Amontillado is a unique and precious wine which is not a surprise that Fortunato is so interested in his wines authenticity. Another argument was that Fortunato slept with Montresors wife, which would be an insult to anyone. A wife a precious person in your life obviously, such as Amontillado would be precious to someone else. In this case that person would be Fortunato (Russ).
Montresor walked Fortunato through the entire catacombs and the whole time along the way Fortunato was becoming more intoxicated because of the medoc Montresor had given him due to the fact that he had a continuous cough. This medoc was supposed to “sooth” his cough but was only to get him drunk enough for Montresors plan to work. Fortunato being the fortunate one was surrounded by death and the ancestors of Montresor.
The “Flagon de Grave”
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