Symbolism in Franz Kalfka's "The Metamorphosis Essay

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Symbolism in Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”
In Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”, the protagonist, Gregor Samsa, in desperate need of appreciation, took the responsibility and obligation of maintaining his unappreciative family member’s every day life. While traumatic instances occur, the limits of the family’s loyalty and sympathy for Gregor’s needs are rejected by the ones he cherishes the most. Obviously, one can notice the unconditional love Gregor shows his family, but the profound transformation he physically endures leaves him now as his family’s burden (SparkNotes Editors). Although many instances occur throughout Gregor’s transformation that shows new profound realization of his unsympathetic family, one can analyze the many
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Although transforming into a giant disgusting bug, Gregor still has to eat. Even though Gregor’s family is still flabbergasted by the events that had taken place, sympathy lingers throughout the family in attempt to feed him. In the beginning of his transformation, Gregor’s family, mostly Crete, earns to leave him a variety of food to explore his preference of meals (SparkNotes Editors ). This action comforts Gregor with emotions of love and hope that maybe his family will one day accept him, but this does not last for long. The need to feed Gregor grows less important day by day to where Gregor becomes very weak from the lack of nutrients. In this story the importance of respect between Gregor and his father frequently exist ( Huffenenglish). In the beginning, one can see that Gregor speaks about the daily uniform his father wears that reminds Gregor of the despair and pity he has for his father and the loss of his family’s business. After the physical transformation the respect drastically shifts. Therefore, Gregor’s father is superior to his well being because of Gregor’s in capabilities. As time past, Gregor notices his father asleep and the uniform that was once a reminder of Gregor’s pity for his father was present once more. His father’s uniform was ragged and scuffed as he was mentally from all the pressures he had consumed since Gregors transformation. According to Altshuler “before

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