Symbolism in Fuentes' Aura Essay

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On the surface, Fuentes' Aura is a very strange and eerie book. It draws you in and keeps you there, forcing you to read the book to its very end. Just below the surface, a world of symbolism, words and parallels lead to a greater understanding of what is happening throughout this captivating tale.

Skimming the surface of the story, an abundance of symbols can be signaled out, but a recurrence of symbols is very important. One of the most prevalent symbols found in this story is the darkness of Senora Consuelo's old colonial mansion. The house is so dark the characters must learn to maneuver by sound and touch. The darkness sets the tone for the whole story. Senora Consuelo's room is not bathed in light but filled with "perpetual
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This association with the feminine energy may be why the smell patio plants remind him of Aura.

The dining room usually corresponds to what one is feeding the body, mind, or soul. Although the parlor, or living room, is only mentioned in passing, it is often associated with one?s current state of mind or personal situation.

The bedrooms have more obvious associations, as I am sure you can imagine. Sexual activity, intimacy, vulnerability, passion, security, safety, comfort, and feelings of connectedness and or closeness all correspond to what one thinks of a bedroom. Bedrooms are very personal rooms, and what is kept in them often reflects part of their character.

The number three is seen numerous times throughout the story. Aura can only stay for three days at a time. There are three parts to General Llorente?s memoirs. These three sections are each bound by a ribbon that is one of the three primary colors. There are three types of animals roaming the house. Felipe eats three evening meals that consist of the same three foods, liver, tomatoes, and onions. Felipe lights three matches when he goes looking for Aura in the dark patio. It is in the third photograph that Felipe realizes he is the young General. So the number three seems to be a pretty important symbol if it is repeated so much throughout the story.

The most obvious association the number three has is with the Holy Trinity and this association feeds into some of
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