Symbolism in Lord of the Flies

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Symbolism in Lord of The Flies
William Golding's Lord of the Flies is a novel about a group of English school boys who are stranded on a tropical island after their plane has been attacked and crashes during World War II. In the beginning, the boys like being on their own without adults. The boys separate into two groups, led by Jack and Ralph. Jack is obsessed with hunting, and he and his group pay do not pay attention. Ralph is concerned about keeping a rescue fire lit so they will have a chance to be rescued, but no one else seems too concerned about it. At least one ship passes by without noticing the boys on the island. Things on the island deteriorate into chaos and savagery. Jack and his tribe are consumed with hunting and
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As time passes that wears off and they become uncontrollable like the fire. ( ) A final symbol of savagery is the fire used by Jack to kill Ralph and burn down the whole island, making it sterile and uninhabitable ( ).
In Lord of the Flies the symbols of rational and irrational thinking show the boys decent to becoming uncivilized. Piggy's glasses are symbolic of rational thinking. The boys use them to light the signal fires in hopes of being rescued (Frost). The breaking of Piggy’s glasses is symbolic of irrational thinking and breaking the last tie to humanity that the boys have. The building of shelters symbolizes rational thoughts and actions that are part of a constructive society. The thought of hunting, playing and doing anything they want symbolizes irrational thinking. Jack uses Piggy’s glasses to start a fire to smoke Ralph out of hiding meanwhile, destroying the shelters and fruit trees symbolizing how irrational Jack is thinking. The symbol of rational thinking, Ralph and the symbol of irrational thinking, Jack are at opposite ends of the spectrum when talking about leadership. Ralph is not only a rational thinker, but a moral person, keeping fairness in his group. Ralph decides what is best for the group as a whole showing his leadership skills. Jack gives the boys what Ralph is not able to: fun and games, the thrill of adventure, and the excitement of bloody rituals as a result of irrational

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