Symbolism in "The Farming of Bones"

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Justin Peterkin Eng150-014 Prof. N. Essey 11/15/11 Research Essay Symbolism in The Farming Of Bones In The Farming of Bones, a story based on tragic real life events written by Edwidge Danticat, a Haitian girl named Amabelle attempts to establish a new life for herself in the neighboring Dominican Republic after the tragic deaths of both her parents. After establishing herself in the Dominican town of Alegria as a servant for a Dominican family, Amabelle's whole way of life is once again turned upside down when Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo orders the slaughter of Haitians who are occupying the Dominican Republic (Derby). Of the many themes and symbols used in this story the most prominent of them is water. (Scribd Inc.) While…show more content…
During the crossing a member of their group is shot by a Dominican soldier and another drowns in the water. We see here that life is once again being represented by the river, the lives of two individuals were taken attempting to cross over the border but at the same time a new life awaited Amabelle and Yves in their native country and for Amabelle the hope for her still remained that she may be able to locate Sebastien. Once they arrived in Haiti, Amabelle and Yves eventually settled at the family home of Yves and lived there for many years. During her time in Haiti Amabelle frequently pondered the fate of her lover Sebastien the people she formerly served in the Domincian Republic. Soon her curiosity gets the best of her and Amabelle arranges to once again cross the border into the Dominican Republic and visit her old home where she lived as a servant, to do this she would once again have to cross over the water, albeit this time by bridge. After crossing over the bridge Amabelle Is driven back to Alegria, were she first encountered Sebastian and were she believed that Senora Valencia might still live. After she arrives in Alegria Amabelle finds that Senora Valencia is in fact still alive and located in the same town. Amabelle locates Senora Valencia and after a brief discussion of the events that have occurred in the many years since they have seen each other, Amabelle requests one thing from Senora Valencia, to see the stream "the one
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