Symbolism in Theater and Cinema

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Symbolism in Theater and Cinema Arts 100 Daniel Jacobson What if I never saw the movie Jaws? Would I still feel the same way about sharks and the ocean? These are some of the questions I feel a lot of people can ask themselves after they have seen Jaws. What does this mean? Can the shark in Jaws represent or symbolize something more than just being a hungry shark? I remember watching Jaws as a kid, as you can imagine I was pretty scared. I think I was eleven at the time, and was living in San Diego. So going to the beach looking for seashells and swimming in the water was a regular thing to me, not after that movie! It wasn't till I was an adult that I truly was able to enjoy or appreciate Jaws as a movie. I love the ocean and have…show more content…
The story would be from the sharks point of view. The shark who has been separated from his family and friends very young, is looking for a friend or companionship. And since there are no other sharks around he finds a beach with strange creatures on it that are swimming in the water. But every time he gets close to try and interact with one of the “humans” his eyes go black and he attacks them ferociously. After the water has settled he awakens from his blackout only to see red water and people screaming. He has no idea what happened and is just as scared as everyone else. It is a story of self realization. That way you could still have that fear element but every once and a while throw in a joke or have a funny scene among the chaos. I also think I would represent the police chief as the villain. Like most live performances lighting would be a key factor. For underwater scenes a blue light with of ocean props would be shown. The town would also be a dark and dreary place to live. The beach is the only beautiful part of the town which is why people are drawn to it even though people keep dying. The only thing I can't make my mind up about is whether or not the shark would look realistic or a man in a shark suit. Overall I would focus heavily on the emotional struggle of a shark who just wants to have a friend but keeps eating them. And a police chief who want nothing more in life but to kill the deadliest shark hes ever
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