Symbolism of Animals in Charlette's Web

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In E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White introduces a few farm animals and some farm pests. In this story a blood-thirsty spider turns out to be the best friend that anyone could ever have. The stubborn pig ends up being very dynamic and lucky by narrowly escaping death multiple times with the help of his friends. The last character is commonly symbolized as selfish and uncaring and Templeton the rat matches his symbolism, although he does not learn morals in the story, he teaches them. E.B. White uses the opposite of the characters symbolism to learn and teach morals throughout the novel. In Charlotte’s Web E.B. White makes all the characters not act how they are depicted in society, and she shows this most with Charlotte. When…show more content…
Pigs are sometimes compared to how stubborn people can be. Pig-headed is a term people use to describe people that do not listen to advice and are very stubborn. ("Merriam-Webster".)Wilbur shows that he is not stubborn by listening to the goose. “’ One of the boards is loose, push on it, push-push-push on it, and come on out,”’ (White 17.) Despite the goose’s speech problems Wilbur listened to the goose and escaped the pen for a short while. Gluttony is pretty commonly associated with pigs mainly because of their ability to consume massive amounts of slop in one sitting. They also symbolize gluttony in society and overeating. People sometimes call one another pigs when they eat a lot. Even though these are pretty common traits for pigs, Wilbur is neither a glutton in real life nor does he symbolize gluttony. He was fed only a little scraps from the family, and that makes it impossible for him to be a glutton. He showed not being a glutton by giving Templeton food. “He planned to leave half a noodle and a few drops of milk,” (White 75.) To me this shows that Wilbur was not just thinking about himself. The last characteristic about a pig is their laziness. A pig lying in a mud puddle sums up what laziness is. Wilbur may have to live in a pen filled with manure, but he is constantly getting active, conversing with farm animals, and trying to save his life. He also had to be extra mobile whenever Charlotte spelled radiant in her web. “He would spring into the
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