Symbolism of the Journey

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Symbolism of the Literature You are about to be taken on a journey as I tell of two short stories, “A Worn Path” and “I Used to Live Here Once”. One story will keep you in suspense wondering about this little old ladies purpose of walking a dark path, while the other story seems to be taking the character back in time to find she is only having an after death experience. As you read of the two stories, you will find they are similar in the fact that both have a symbolism of death. The short storyA Worn Path” surrounds the character Phoenix Jackson. The setting of the story is in December on a very cold day early in the morning. The content of this story suggests Phoenix Jackson is a very old woman who walks from the old Natchez…show more content…
For a minute Phoenix was confused of the reason for being there. She suddenly remembers and in her imagination brings him back to life. She makes a comment that suggest she is remembering an image of her grandson when she says “I remember so plain now. I am not going to forget him again, no, the whole enduring time. I could tell him from all others in creation” (AN & Q). After getting the medicine from the nurse, she speaks briefly of a paper windmill for her grandson. The story ends with her going down the stairs. Phoenix taps the floor with her cane before going down the steps just as she did in the beginning of the story when she taps the frozen ground with her cane. Her desperate need for companionship is demonstrated when she has a vision of a boy offering her a piece of cake on a plate. It is believed the boy in the vision was her deceased grandson. Phoenix’s imagination of her grandson still existing is her way of coping with the hardness of her life. We find at the end, the journey may have been more of a necessity for Phoenix than for her grandson. She made this journey to meet her own needs, and what started out a life-sustaining journey ends in
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