Essay on Symbolism on the Great Gatsby

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In novels, the use of symbols makes the story interesting and essential to the readers. Symbols are messages that the author uses to communicate with the reader for a deeper understanding, although sometimes it can only be discovered if analyzed. Fitzgerald connects the different symbols throughout the novel to pinpoint an elaborate meaning towards the story yet it does indicate a pleasant meaning. A symbol such as “color” or “money” can be less complex than it seems. Whereas a symbol as complicated as the “eye” can mean more than it’s suggested for. Throughout The Great Gatsby symbolism represent color, the existence of eyes and money. The color symbolism is repetitive throughout the novel. The colors represent the different…show more content…
It represents war and love yet, it’s also the color of blood. Another important symbol which isn’t mentioned as much in the novel is the color blue. It represents a lost time and a fantasy of a different world. T.J. Eckleburg's eyes – which are painted upon the billboard across Wilson’s auto shop-, are blue, perhaps symbolizing a higher world from which God looks down upon the scene. The many color symbols that are present throughout the novel can be confusing and often missed if the reader does not look for them. Eyes are symbols that Fitzgerald uses to expose the constant watchful and different perspective of the people in the Great Gatsby. Owl-eyes is the only one that realized that Gatsby was putting on a show, the first time they met in the library. He was in complete disbelief of Gatsby’s “real books” in his library, which made it even more fascinating. The nickname Owl-eyes is ironic for this drunken man, but in his clear insight, he is wise. Fitzgerald introduced Owl-eyes in a way that the readers are immediately critical, but then changes after using a positive attitude toward the drunken man. Like Nick, Owl-eyes is imperfect, but they are the only two characters Fitzgerald portrays as moral and the only two friends who attended Gatsby's funeral. Owl Eyes represents the human form of the T.J. Eckelburg sign in the Valley of Ashes, across from Wilson's auto shop. Dr. T.J

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