Symbolism within in A Worn Path

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Symbolism is a literary device that uses objects or events that hides the even greater idea beyond what the text it gives you. For example, the bald eagle may seem like a fascinating bird, but to the eyes of an American the bald eagle represents freedom. Symbolism can be found throughout our everyday lives. Shoes have logos that are used to show what brand of shoes ones self is wearing, also money may seem like just paper, but it can also represent power.
In the short story, A Worn Path, the main character Phoenix Jackson ventures through the forest to get to her main destination Natchez. Phoenix Jackson is an old, little woman that is blind and needs to be carrying a cane due to her almost complete blindness. Phoenix Jackson travels through the dangerous forest alone. On her venture she meets many obstacles such as a crossing a river by walking over a log that lay across it. During her advances she often drifts into a daydream and dreams about events happening, but it turns out to be her mind playing games on her. While on her way to Natchez she encounters a white hunter, the hunter shows no respect for her by calling her granny and even pointing a gun at old Phoenix herself. During Phoenix's time of living segregation was still prevalent because in the short story Phoenix makes her way in Natchez and the Anglo Americans call her names such as: Granny, Grandma, and Old Timer. After making it through the city, Phoenix enters a building that supplies aid to colored people and
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