Symbolization in the Good Country People by Flannery O'Connor

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“Good Country People” is a short story written by Flannery O’Connor in the mid 50’s. The story takes place on farm in Georgia that Mrs. Hopewell owns. Flannery O’Connor uses the characters names and personalities to symbolize that they aren’t really who they think they are. The protagonist Joy-Hulga has a heart condition which and a peg leg. Her heat condition and disability reflects that she is a broken and weak person on the inside. Mrs. Hopewell is Joy-Hulga’s mother, she is very hopeful that her daughter would be something in life but Joy has other visions for herself. Mrs. Freeman works on the farm and her name symbolizes that she is more of a free spirit she tends to live in reality and she is able to see exactly who Joy-Hulga and …show more content…
Soon Joy-Hulga’s beliefs and sensitivity would be put to the greatest test by Manly Pointer. Manly Pointer comes to Mrs. Hopewell’s home and portrays his self as a bible sales man (Flannery O’Connor). Mrs. Hopewell quickly lets Manly know that she is not interested in purchasing a bible. Manly pointer tries to guilt trip Mrs. Hopewell by telling her that he wants to devote his life to the Christian service because he has a heart condition (Flannery O’Connor). After hearing this she immediately became emotional and replied with “Won’t you stay for dinner? We’d love to have you” (Flannery O’Connor). At this point Manly knew his plan had worked and he’d soon get to who he really wanted and that was Joy-Hulga. At first Joy ignored his conversation because she was not interested and they had different beliefs. When Manly was on his way out he made sure to leave a good impression on Joy and she fell for it. Joy had intentions on playing with Manly and seducing him at a picnic they had planned (Flannery O’Connor). When it was time for the picnic they both headed over to the barn. Manly immediately began to work his charm. He demanded that Joy-Hulga tell him that she loved him and she eventually did. He then wanted her to prove her love by showing him where her prosthetic connects (Flannery O’Connor). She immediately gets defensive because this was something that she was very sensitive about and without it she was helpless. He then tells her “You’re playing me
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