Symbolizes Squeaky In Parvana's Journey

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Compassion for family and others symbolizes Squeaky in “Raymond’s Run” and Parvana in “Parvana’s Journey”. Both help their families and take care of them more than themselves. The author of “Raymond’s Run” is Toni Cade Bambara and the author of “Parvana’s Journey” is Deborah Ellis. The main characters are Squeaky and Parvana. In “Raymond’s Run”, the main character, Squeaky, is initially self centered and focused on her own career as a runner. She was given the responsibility of taking care of her mentally disabled brother by her family. Eventually, she recognizes Raymond’s true potential as a runner. Then she starts focusing more on coaching Raymond. In “Parvana’s Journey”, Parvana loses her family in the middle of war, destruction, and the Taliban’s cruelty to the Afghan people. Then she takes…show more content…
The theme of the books are selflessness, determination and perseverance. Both of the main characters symbolize selflessness and love for family and others.

queaky in “Raymond’s Run” and Parvana in “Parvana’s Journey” show an extreme amount of determination, selflessness and perseverance. Squeaky is very confident about her running abilities. She says “I am the fastest thing on two feet” (p. 26, line 23). She wins the first-place medal in every track meet. In “Parvana’s Journey” Parvana's says “I have to find my family” (p. 17, line 17). She has the courage and determination to look for her family during war and destruction. Furthermore Squeaky is very protective about her brother, Raymond. She says “If anybody has anything to say to Raymond, anything to say about his big head, they will have to come by me” (p. 26, line 14-16). It shows her compassion for her brother. She tries her best to protect him from the threat people have been giving to him. Parvana also shows compassion when she saves an infant from rubble. She says, ”

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