Symbols Add A Level Of Depth That Can Help The Reader To

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Symbols add a level of depth that can help the reader to see beyond what the author has provided and into the lives of the characters themselves. Furthermore, analyzing symbols can help expand the reader’s knowledge of what certain actions or evens can mean during the play. Symbols can be found throughout both Trifles and Othello, and each one helps further the plot or enhance characterization in some way. Susan Glaspell and William Shakespeare both use powerful symbols to further the plot and enhance character development. In Trifles, one of the most important symbols play is the birdcage that Mrs. Wright had stashed away within her kitchen. During the play, both Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters are discussing the tragedy that had befallen the…show more content…
Wright. One of the first mentions is made by Mrs. Hale, when she states that Mrs. Wright “used to sing real pretty herself” (Glaspell 857). She’s implying that while Mrs. Wright used to sing, she no longer does. This further proven when Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters find the strangled bird, and Mrs. Hale points out that Mr. Wright would have never let such a creature that sang dwell in his household. Mrs. Hale implies that Mr. Wright ultimately kills anything that sings in his presence. Not only does the bird represent who Mrs. Wright used to be, its current state represents who Mrs. Wright became to be; Mr. Wright strangled the beautiful spirit right out of her, leaving nothing but an empty husk of her former self. On the other hand, while Glaspell’s symbols seem to represent her characters, Shakespeare represents the struggles that his characters are experiencing throughout Othello. The first symbol that can be noted within the famous play is that handkerchief that Othello gave to Desdemona. Othello shares with Desdemona the original representation by recounting the story of how it came to be in his family’s possession: Did an Egyptian to my mother give. She was a charmer, and could almost read The thoughts of people. She told her, while she kept it ’Twould make her amiable and subdue my father Entirely to her love. But if she lost it Or made a gift of it, my father’s eye Should hold her loathèd and his spirits should
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