Symbols In The Eye Of The Storm

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Patrick White’s use of Symbolism in his fiction The Eye of the Storm

Sign and symbols, pictures and images are the basic organs of any writing. A writer speaks in his voice through letters and literatures with the help of images and pictures so called Signs and Symbols. This article argues to analyze the thematic and stylistic concerns associated with Symbolism as used by the Australian Fiction writer Patrick White in his novel ‘The Eye of the Storm’. While focusing on ‘The Eye of the Storm’, the article shall examine the characters and their practicality in terms of symbolism as to how and what White wants to suggest through his characters and the theme of the novel.
Keywords: Symbols, Metaphors, Themes and Motifs.
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Lady Casey is a close friend and has much in common with white. She is a writer (of biography and verse) and shares White’s interest in painting.
The Eye of the storm (a study) in relation to symbolism:
Novel seems to be a dense network of symbols. It opens with the scene where an old lady lying on bed and trying to feel comfortable, the protagonist and the leading leader of the White’s fiction ‘The eye of the storm’, Mrs. Elizabeth Hunter, a dying, sensual, proud ,vain, selfish, almost blind and a greedy lady who is now under the supervision of medical assistants. The very opening scene through the letters has been presented very symbolically and significantly between the nurse De Santis and Mrs.
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Hunter can only hope for morning which she had seen a long ago when she was young, but now she is only experiencing the death in her eyes, so it is all dark for her. Elizabeth Hunter is a wealthy former, socialite and apparently senile. She has turned eighty-six and has recently suffered a stroke, but still full of boast of her ego and remains a controller one those around her. Her mind remains formidable enough to terrorize her attendants so that they are torn between affectionate admiration for their generous and helpless charge and contempt for a vain, self-indulgent, cruel old woman. She also knows about her effects and impacts on others. She has got the ability to impress others easily and make them accept her concepts and concerns. She has been referred to as “a wealthy senile woman and a very passionate woman” (p.545). Her two nurses represent the opposing poles she recognizes in her personality, roles they accept with varying degrees of good grace. White presented this nurse like Laura Trevelyan in Voss. This article elaborates on the affective dimensions of natural images and symbols in White’s
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