Symbols In The Kite Runner

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Essay topic: Analyse how one or more symbols were used to convey an idea in the novel.

‘The Kite Runner’ (a novel by Khaled Hosseini) cleverly utilizes a singular symbol throughout his novel to represent the life changes the main character goes through. In particular, kites. Initially, symbolising guilt of from his past then he reflects back on his innocence after which a choice changed him encouraging his desire to redeem himself. At different points in Amir's life, kites are deliberately described differently to show the progression of the ideas and themes which are being explored. Khaled Hosseini ties together kites as an example of symbolism from the opening.

Paragraph 1:Chapter one and a little on title.
The kites have emotional significance as they are used as a way to describe Amir’s
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In the final chapter, Amir flies a kite with Sohrab and he sees him smile. This is so meaningful to Amir as it gives him hope after feeling guilty for years, not only that he might be able to make him happy, but that “there is a way to be good again.” This phrase at the beginning of the book is shrugged off by Amir, but the relationship between change and the kite makes it evident to the reader that there really is a way. The kite becomes a signal of hope for his broken relationship with Hassan and a new relationship with his son. Then this time it’s Amir’s turn to ask Sohrab if he wants the kite. When he nods Amir's reply is “For you, a thousand times over.” This shows how much Amir has grown to the point where it is no longer him being seen to, but him doing all he can for those he loves. This makes the kite a much happier symbol, a symbol that people can change, and that it’s never too late to correct your unatoned sins. The hopeful feeling this leaves in both Amir and the reader’s hearts is why this kite symbolises a better
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