Symbols Of The Nobility And The Proletariat

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Symbols of aristocratic authority in Miss Julie, facilitate societal discussion on ethically acceptable behaviour as sexual, gender and class conflicts emerge through individuals having challenged hierarchal structure despite having internalized distinct ideological frameworks. Strindberg utilizes uncertainty and the reveling Midsummer atmosphere to justify aristocratic need for isolation in order to maintain a guise of dominance. Julie’s failure to embody submissive characteristics and conform to social paradigms by alienating herself from the servitude, threatens the hierarchal structure, using social structure to dictate ethical behaviour within society. Hence, Julie’s death is justified as necessary to reinstate social order through isolating and subjugating the proletariat. Liberation and freedom are impossible to obtain due to the anxiety producing agency of the Count, symbolizing the omnipresence of repressive Capitalist dictates due to the impact on psyche as a product of nurture.

Symbols of authority existing only to perpetuate elite authority are present in Jean as he is socially alienated from the aristocracy, despite characteristically embodying the role. The juxtaposition of symbols of the aristocracy and the proletariat are present when “Jean [is] in morning coat and bowler”, symbolizing Jean’s finer sensibilities and ability to apply these within correct social environments. Additionally, he attempts to assert himself within the formal social environment of…

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