Symbols Of The White Rug

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There are three main symbols that Faulkner presented in Barn Burning. The use of fire, the wrecking of white, and the act of breaking away from a parent. Fire is used to represent Abner’s anger and constant struggle for power within himself and his family. Secondly. The soiling of the white rug which is a smudge on sarty 's innocence and a final break in his moral conscious. Lastly, Sarty physically breaking away from his mother symbolized him finally breaking away from blood ties and following his own agenda. All of these symbols tie together to create the common theme of morality versus family loyalty. Fire is the start and end of this story. Abner’s constant envy is the fuel to his personal fire within himself. He travels from job to job picking vendettas with people because they have what he desires, land and money. In these times a person’s barn is their livelihood and Abner, who is just a tenant farmer, wants what others have. So he takes from them, by means of destruction, what he could not claim for himself. He justifies it in his mind with trivial reasons, convincing himself these people had done him harm in some way, and deserved what was coming. Abner provides grand, harty flames for the people he hated while providing his family with “a small fire, neat, niggard almost, a shrewd fire; such fires were his father 's habit and custom always, even in freezing weather” (Faulkner 34). Fires are the only true thing Abner has control over. Abern expects his
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