Symbols, Symbolism, And The Worms

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Authors use symbols in literature to represent other objects other than what is obvious to the reader. Authors use symbols to convey deeper meaning than what they say outright to get across a different meaning than the words he or she writes at face value (Symbol, 1). Symbols help readers make connections with themes and ideas within a story. By using symbols, authors are able to help the readers make connections within the story that they would not be able to connect to otherwise. By using the worms, Wangerin is able to draw readers in more and make a stronger emotional connection of the reader to the story. When authors make more of an emotional connection, the author is able to expand the meaning of the story with fewer words, making the words that the author use more efficient and not so redundant. Wangerin uses the worms inside Chauntecleer as a symbol by using repetition in reference to the worms, the worms appear in critical times in the story, and he also dedicates a good deal of time to the worms. Wangerin makes the worms inside Chauntecleer function as a symbol by having Chauntecleer talk to and about the worms multiple times. Repetition of the worms in The Book of Sorrows shows that Wangerin wants to put emphasis on the worms. The fact that Wangerin stresses the worms shows that he is using repetition, which is a very good way for an author to communicate if the author wants to make the reader remember a certain aspect of the work (Cacioppo and Petty, 99).
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