Sympathy For Fortunato In The Cask Of Amontillado

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It is often argued that there is no sympathy for those who do wrong. In modern day society we often hear an argument entailing that if someone makes poor decisions that are morally wrong, there will be no sympathy for them. This is because it is conventional thinking that the consequences they face will be adequate punishment for the wrong doing. Through The Cask of Amontillado, we are naturally obligated to feel deep sympathy for Fortunato, as he is being deceived and being led to a tragic fate. The horror of being chained to a wall drunk, with little rational thinking and functionality is terrifying. Because he is in a position of paralysis and taken advantage of, we as an audience will naturally feel deep sympathy for Fortunato. But Poe’s intent goes beyond just exposing a serious fear of malicious men. The true horror that Poe really depicts is that human nature and emotions go beyond the positive things we associate it with. Human nature is more than just love, happiness, and excitement. Human nature is anger, human nature is insanity, and human nature is also evil. The suspense built up throughout the short-story is apparent with foreshadowing in the latin motto that translates to, “no one…show more content…
Not everyone will know what it is like to be horrifyingly led astray and killed from a mentally terrifying place, but we all know the feeling of sorrow and guilt after wrongdoing. While Fortunato’s death is tragic and gruesome, once he ceases to exist he no longer has to cope with life. But Montresor, on the other hand will have to face the guilt of murder and complete trauma of what it took to mentally do something so vicious as a human. He will never live a day in his life as a member of society without thinking about one of his greatest mistakes, and because of human nature, he justified the murder with hate and faces a lack of impunity to bold, evil
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