Sympatric Speciation Research Paper

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In order to solve that question, let’s follow me and Time travel to 55 millions years ago! There was an animal the size of a small dog called Hyracotherium.Everyone would like it to be a pet. It’s the oldest found horse ancestor, They were scampering through the forests full of plants rich in foliage that covered North America. For more than their history they lived in there, and horses remained small, forest browsers. Their toes, four at the front and three at the back, sprawled out at different angles which helped them from sinking in the marshy ground.

Until one day the changing climate Conditions allowed grasslands to expand, foliage plants disappeared. And about 20 million years ago, many new species rapidly evolved. Some but not all of the hyracotherium become bigger and stronger. And only those who become bigger and stronger can run faster which lead
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Biologist usually recognize two types of speciation allopatric and sympatric. In this case it is a sympatric speciation. It is a species(hyracotherium )evolves into a new species without a physical bar. The reson that let them become two separate species because one specie like eating leaf the other one prefer grass.

Most horses evolved on the North American. During ice age they across the Bering land bridge into what is now Siberia. From there, the Genetic drift begins , that is one of the reason why today we have so many different kind of horses. Horses spread across Asia into Europe and south Africa.Because after some of the horses across the Bering land bridge, the sea level is rising, the bridge is disappeared. So it is a small group of horses stuck in Asia and Africa. Because this small group is a random subset of the orginal population, they carries a random subset of the population genes. All the uncommon maybe become common in the next
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