Symphony No. 8 In B Minor, D. 759

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Symphony No.8 in B minor, D.759 is written in late Classical/early romantic period by an Austrian composer, Franz Schubert. He started composing the piece in 1822, but ceased after he completed the second movement. Although the first and second movements were orchestrated by him, he has also left a piano score of the third movement, Scherzo, which is nearly completed (up to bar 120) and the first 20 bars of its orchestrated score. Schubert has left brief notes on the manuscript for the first three movements, but he simply wrote ‘flute’ for the fourth movement.

Music historians and musicologists think that Schubert has re-directed the material of the fourth movement into a large orchestral work and used it as the Entr’acte No.1 of Rosamunde
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