Symptoms And Diagnosis Of Adhd

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ADHD is one of the most studied psychiatric disorder, and one of the most common cognitive disorders, yet there are still concerns and questions about the validity of ADHD diagnosis. The truth is, there is no one simple test for ADHD. To be diagnosed with this disorder, a person must meet criteria described in DSM 5. How do we know if a person met the criteria? Well, it is simple, the clinical picture is drawn by patients’ (or parents’, teachers’) subjective description of symptoms. Yes, the diagnosis is made solely based on individual perception and opinion of child’s family. No one really know the etiology of ADHD. Some studies indicate that multiple genes may contribute to the development of this complex disease, however they only explained only small percentage of genetic component of ADHD and need more future research. Despite the lack of confirmatory tests, ADHD is the most frequently diagnosed neuro-disorder among children. Increased diagnose creates another controversy, about overprescribing medications to treat ADHD. Since 1990, the number of prescriptions written for Ritalin increased by 500%, and Adderall by 2000%! This trends has led many parents, teachers, doctors to the conclusion that many mildly inattentive or hyperactive - or simply unruly children are taking stimulants unnecessarily. I agree that this disorder is simply over diagnosed or misdiagnosed, and even if the diagnosis is correct, Ritalin or Adderall should not always be the first line drugs to
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