Symptoms And Diagnosis Of Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia is one of the most severe psychiatric disorders that affects both male and females, respectively. This illness is characterized by gradual increase in changes of perception, thinking, social activities, speech, feelings, and motivations. Many studies have shown that there is a clear difference in outcome between genders including symptom severity, age-at-onset and functional outcome (as cited in Gogos, Kwek and van den Buuse, 2011, p. 213). For example, schizophrenia occurs on average 1.5-4.5 earlier in men compared to women. Further evidence suggests that women who have a psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia may have various levels of estrogen; the most severe phase of the disorder will be when there is low level of…show more content…
PPI is an indicator sensomotoric reflecting the ability of the central nervous system to filter sensory information and is one of the best established translational paradigms that allows measuring sensorimotor gating in both humans and rodents (Labouesse, Langhans and Meyer, 2015).
There have been many studies conducted on learning the causes of schizophrenia and its treatments. Unfortunately, the treatments for complete recovery from this disorder still remain unsolved. Some studies focused on a general context in terms of a role of sex hormones in schizophrenia, other studies focused on a specific state such as cognition and role of hormones in schizophrenia. The aim of this paper is to further analyze of the role of sex steroid hormones in schizophrenia in animal models and human studies, compare different methodologies and possible treatments. Dopamine, which plays a significant role in schizophrenia, regulates sensorimotor filtration information in rodents and in humans as well. These findings fit the description of dopamine hypothetical mechanisms of disease, possibly being associated with the processes of fragmentation and sensory cognitive overload that may be involved in the pathology of schizophrenia (Gogos, Kwek and van den Buuse, 2011). There are many research studies that focus on the effects of estrogen and testosterone administration in schizophrenia. For
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