Symptoms And Factors Of Schizophrenia

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1.0 Introduction
This assignment will provide a definition about schizophrenia, its symptoms and factors that may cause it briefly as well as its incidence and prevalence in Australia, Spain and United States of America. It also introduces some of old and recent treatments of this disease.

2.0 Definition of Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is categorised as a psychotic disorder. Psychosis-a general word that is usually used as the psychotic illnesses syndromes-affects people’s thoughts, speech and sense of reality. Most psychotic patients experience unusual emotions and” abnormalities in mood” as well as difficulties with sleeping (Larson, Walker and Compton, 2010). Early signs of Schizophrenia such as having troubles in understanding and language, being more nervous and bored can be observed in the prodromal period, which is the period before the onset of the disease that some subclinical signs and symptoms appear in. This period can take from a few weeks in some subjects to several years in some others and most of them experience it in the age of 15-25 (Larson, Walker and Compton, 2010).
Schizophrenia symptoms are divided into three categories: positive symptoms (including “reality distortion” and unusual behaviour), disorganized symptoms (difficulty in though and speech) (Larson, Walker and Compton, 2010) and negative symptoms such as problematic personality (Rector, Beck & Stolar, 2005).Although schizophrenia is a mental disorder, it can also affects physical health. The
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