Symptoms And Severity Of A Knee Ligament

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Miller (2015) depicts that the symptoms and severity of a knee ligament sprain relies on upon the level of stretching or tearing of the ligament. In his study he has included 3 grades of knee ligament sprain. 1) In a mild grade 1: knee ligament sprain, the ligaments may extend but they don’t actually tear. The joint cannot swell or hurt very much. It can increase the risk of injury again. 2) With a moderate evaluation II sprain: Bruising and swelling are most common sign. Ligaments get partially torn and more painful. 3) With a severe grade III sprain: A ligament tears totally, bleeding under the skin, and swelling. Thus, the joint become unstable and not able to bear weight. In grade -3 sprain, all pain fibers are torn so there is no pain at the time of the injury. Medial collateral ligament and anterior cruciate ligament injuries are most common in Soccer players. Management: Mangine et al (2015) in “Management of the Patient with an ACL/MCL injured knee” He has established a treatment plan based on type of ligament injuries. 1) Medial or lateral meniscus tear 2) Degree of MCL tear and ACL tear 3) Capsular damage and chrondral surface injury. The period of time between injury and surgery depend on tissue included and severity of the injury. 1) Grade1 MCL: ACL surgeries with or without damage to meniscus within 1 week. No pre-surgery movement restriction. 2) Grade 2 MCL: ACL surgeries with or
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