Symptoms And Symptoms Of Acute Stress

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This paper summarizes and explores acute stress responses. This explanation includes the symptoms of acute stress reactions as well as acute stress disorder. It also emphasizes the differences between acute stress responses and acute stress disorders. Based on the references found and I examine the different treatment strategies and examine responses and further delve into how it can a person’s life with short term and long term effects.

Acute Stress Response
Acute stress response is a response or a collection of responses that occurs when an individual develops symptoms due to a very stressful situation or event. Stress responses occur every day, but acute stress responses are due to symptoms that develop quickly and sometimes unexpectedly. In situations where acute stress is a factor the incidents that occur are normally harsh and seemingly happen unexpectedly.
Symptoms of Acute Stress Reactions

The symptoms of acute stress reactions include psychological symptoms which can include depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping, lack of concentration, feeling anxious, and feeling as if they just want to be away from others; alone. Other common symptoms include bad dreams or flashbacks of the traumatic event, avoiding people, conversations, and situations that remind them about the traumatic event, self-destructive behaviors, and detached from others. Some of the common physical symptoms include difficulty breathing, palpitations, nausea, chest…
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