Symptoms And Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorders

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What are Anxiety Disorders Anxiety Disorders is a serious and common mental illness, often defined by the feelings restlessness, worry and fear. Everyone feels Anxious now and then, it is just a normal emotion of everyday life. An average person might feel a little anxious when, for example, they have a business interview, but a person with Anxiety Disorders might feel anxiety every time they leave home, or get out of bed in the morning. Anxiety Disorders can take a number of forms, these forms include Panic disorders, Social anxiety disorder, Specific phobias and Generalized anxiety disorder. • Panic Disorders People with this disorder have brief and sudden attacks of intense fear, terror and apprehension that happen repeatedly with no…show more content…
Phobias is the largest category of anxiety disorders, having between 5 to 12% of Worldwide sufferers of Anxiety Disorders. • Generalized anxiety disorder People who Suffer from Generalized anxiety disorder have excessive and unrealistic worries about little things, that there is nothing to provoke anxiety or stress. Symptoms There are both emotional and physical symptoms of Anxiety Disorders. It does mainly depend on the type of Anxiety disorder, but the general emotional and physical symptoms include: Emotional Symptoms • Constant an unnecessary worry about the past, present and future • Feeling powerless and helpless • Difficulty concentrating • Constant sense of panic and danger • Mind racing, difficult to think straight Physical Symptoms • Excessive trembling and rapid sweating • Feeling tired and weak • Chest pain • Struggle to Sleep • Dizziness • Muscle tension • Dry Mouth Prevalence in Australia Figure 1: Table Comes from$File/mha25.pdf This information shown in the table above are 2014 statistics shown during a 12-month Period. Anxiety Disorders is the most common mental illness. 1 in 7 people, 14.4% suffer from the different types of Anxiety disorders, with Females having the highest
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