Symptoms And Symptoms Of Anxiety

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Anxiety, depression, and medications… These are all things we need to take into consideration when thinking about everyday life. Anxiety has become a generalized factor of life and many people suffer from it everyday. Yes, everyone knows what it 's like to feel anxious but not like those with anxiety. Different types of anxiety have different types symptoms and causes. Even though every anxiety is different they are all controlled by one thing--you.
Anxiety comes in many forms you have many different anxieties. There are exactly 5 different types of anxiety, those being general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobia, posttraumatic stress disorder and finally, obsessive-compulsive disorder. The most common type of anxiety is Generalized Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D.). G.A.D. is not having any interest in everyday activities. According to the national institute of mental health you are going to have constant worry or fear when experiencing anxiety (“Anxiety Disorders”). Panic disorder is when you have repeated panic attacks that’s not caused by other illnesses. It can be triggered by intense exercise or truly dangerous situations, they generally become even worse when you experience a lot of stress at one time. You would generally use psychotherapy to treat this form of anxiety. Phobia disorder is a “persistent, irrational fear of, and desire to avoid, a particular object or situation” (Encyclopedia of Medicine). Posttraumatic stress disorder is a very particular type
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