Symptoms And Symptoms Of Anxiety

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Anxiety When asked to do a report on a health related subject I didn’t have to wonder. There was no concern on what subject I would pick. It is plain and simple. I would write on panic disorder. PTSD, or generalized anxiety. This would give me a stage to set some clarity to what is seen as just a group of people who are not as mentally tough as other people. Ever get nervous before a big test? Feel stressed and anxious about a situation. In a state of constant worry. Great because that is not anxiety at all. Well it is but it isn’t. This is a natural form of anxiety that is felt by all of us from time to time, or a lot of the time. This is what I would call anxiety within the normal parameters of an individual’s life. Now let’s get to what a Panic Disorder feels like. We will take an excerpt from a journal of an individual who is going through a panic disorder in real time as he is writing to show the great contrast from what most people think is anxiety.
Journal Excerpt 4/5/15
I haven’t heard much on panic attacks centralized in the head area it is usually a whole body participation. Unfortunately, these are the type of attacks that I have been having lately. The attack happens directly in the brain or head area. The feelings well let’s see if I can even verbalize. Pressure yes, brain fog, feels like you could just shut off at any moment, a scratchy acidic feeling like something is not completely right in there, maybe inflammation. Things are simultaneously going

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