Symptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

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Introduction Bipolar disorder, commonly known as manic depression, is considered a serious mental condition of the brain in which an individual alternates between feelings of depression and mania (Craddock & Jones, 1999). Over 2.3 million United States adults or an estimate of 1% of the population in a year are being affected by bipolar disorder (Jianfei, Patel, Li & Keck, 2010). Different symptoms of this disorder include rapid speech, increase in activity or energy, denial, high risk behavior, extreme distractibility and irritability, excessive excitement, a decrease sleep needed, increase sex drive, and uncommonly poor judgment (Craddock & Jones, 1999). All these symptoms may not be present in a patient with bipolar disorder, however, with severe case of the disorder, the more likely more of the symptoms mentioned may occur. Fortunately, the disabling and intense symptoms of bipolar disorder usually can be relived through various treatment involving combinations of psychotherapy and medications. Bipolar disorder normally occurs in early adulthood or late adolescence, but in some cases it starts early. Episodes of depression flare up in the course of life, usually disrupting school, family, work, and social life. Thus, treatment to attain and maintain a balanced state is exceedingly significant. Without treatment that is effective, the disorder can result in suicide in about 20% of cases (Jianfei, Patel, Li & Keck, 2010). A variety of research methods are being
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