Symptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

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Elin Larsson Professor Faraji Psychology 25 Abnormal Psychology November 6th 2014 Article Assignment Bipolar disorder is a chronic mental illness, and is characterized by alternating between elevated moods such as mania or the milder condition hypomania and periods of depression. Bipolar disorder often shows during late teens or early adult years. At least half of all cases start before the age of 25. Some people experience symptoms during childhood, while others might develop symptoms late in life ("Bipolar Disorder in Adults"). The purpose of the study was to investigate if quetiapine monotheraphy is an effective medication in managing relapse or recurrence of critical elevations in mood and the tolerance level of quetiapine amongst…show more content…
This was a case-control, which compared the subjects who have bipolar disorder with subjects who do not bipolar disorder but are otherwise alike, like same sex and age. The main focus of the comparison between the participants and the control subjects were weight, BMI and cognitive functioning as the study proceeded. The subjects started with a period of 8 weeks where quetiapine was titrated against clinical symptoms with an increase of 50 mg per day to 800mg per day while other psychopharmaceutical drugs were halted. After the titration phase, subjects pursued to consume quetiapine at bedtime for a maximum of 40 weeks. Since this was a monotheraphy treatment, a maximum of 10 mg of the sleeping aid zopiclone, and the anti-anxiety medication clonazepam of 2 mg were permitted to be consumed per day. During the eight first weeks of the study period, visits were scheduled for the subject where the research psychiatrist assessed the patients according to Young Mania Rating Scale, Montgomery Asperg Depression Scale (MADRS), Clinical Global Impressions – Severity Scale (CGI-S), Clinical global Assessment scale (CGAS) and the Affective Morbidity Index (AMI). After eight weeks, study visits were scheduled for at least once a month during the course of the study where the same assessment procedures took place. Each patient
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