Symptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder is categorized by periods of both depression and mania, with both full remission and lingering symptoms (Pavlova et al., 2016). Bipolar disorder can be a chronic disorder that greatly affects an individual’s daily life. The disorder can cause an inability to function in occupational, as well as social environments (Maniglio, 2013). Previous studies have aimed at the relations between childhood maltreatment and the onset of bipolar disorder. Such studies have suggested that childhood trauma is a high environmental stressor and is connected to bipolar disorder (Bucker et al., 2014 and Romero et al., 2009). Childhood trauma can impact the disorder by causing an earlier onset of the disorder, higher amounts of episodes and increasing numbers of hospitalizations (Delfina et al., 2015). Adults with bipolar disorder who have a history of childhood abuse compared to adults without a history of childhood abuse have shown an earlier onset of the disorder, higher amounts of rapid cycling, comorbid anxiety disorders, higher amounts of suicide attempts, as well as more substance abuse (Romero et al., 2009).
It is estimated that about 50 percent of patients with bipolar disorder have been exposed to several types of childhood maltreatment. Comorbid anxiety is becoming an important part of bipolar disorder. People with the disorder are three times more likely to have an anxiety disorder compared to the general population and nearly 50 percent of people with bipolar
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