Symptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

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Have you ever thought that everyone around you was bipolar? Is there a person around you who constantly says that just about everyone around you is bipolar? Or perhaps you thought that you yourself could possibly be bipolar. If that was, or is you, then you have probably been wondering what bipolar disorder is. If so, then take a look at the definition of bipolar disorder by the signs and symptoms, what causes it, and what treatment there is for it. The signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder are unique to each individual classified as bipolar. Yet they have a set of basic symptoms, which include mania; depression; a mood disturbance that is bad enough to require hospitalization to prevent harm to others or one’s self or there are psychotic…show more content…
It usually starts when you are a teenager, although it has been known to start later in life. Some experts have discovered that the initial episodes of depression or hyperactivity in adolescents are later changed to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. It is curious that family and friends are usually more comfortable dealing with the depressed stage of bipolar than the manic or hypomanic stages. The reason for this is that the person who is in a manic or hypomanic state can be very unpredictable and rather scary. There are people who while in a manic state can be very charismatic and fascinating to be around. It is these people who do not realize that they have a disease and will refuse treatment because they do not want to interrupt the flow of the creative juices. As they say in the New Hope for People with Bipolar Disorder, “The diagnosis of bipolar disorder is largely based on the history of prior behaviors, thought patterns, and moods, as well as family history of mood disorders” (Fawcett, Golden, and Rosenfeld 34). Thus it is vital for the doctor to get this information from the patient to properly diagnosis them. How do you know you have bipolar disorder and what causes bipolar disorder? It is a combination of a chemical reaction in the brain and heredity. Heredity means that your mom, or your dad or even your grandma or grandpa or possibly any combination of the above group or
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