Symptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

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If you were told you are suffering from a Bipolar Disorder, would you know what that meant? Bipolar disorders affect about three million people a year. Here is some background information on what it is, the different types of bipolar disorders, the possible symptoms, along with some treatment options. While bipolar disorders are not curable, they are treatable. Steve Bressert states, “Bipolar Disorder is a mental disorder that is characterized by constantly changing moods between depression and mania. The mood swings are significant, and the experiences of the highs of mania and the lows of depression are usually extreme. (Bressert) ” In other words, mood swings, forms of mania, and depression can be intense for a person. A manic episode makes people have extreme happiness and no need for sleep. While a depressive episode makes you have extreme sadness, no energy, and makes you feel hopeless. A person with a bipolar disorder can have three years of normal moods between a manic or depressive episode. Going up and down between strong emotions can make someone feel like they cannot have a normal life. Cycling between emotions can be rapid or happen slowly over time, and it can happen as often as multiple times a week. However, most people experience a high manic episode or a low depressive episode over long periods of times. This does make it hard to lead a regular life. If you have experienced one manic episode, you will most likely have future episodes. Directly before you
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