Symptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder Essay

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Introduction Bipolar disorder is a fairly common, yet publicly uneducated topic. Bipolar disorder is a frequently repeated and progressive condition wherein one experiences at least one manic episode followed by at least one depressive episode. According to Ferri and Reus (2016), bipolar disorder could be caused from calcium dysregulation, an abnormality of GABA, and the G-protein-coupled receptor abnormality (p. 174). The pathogenesis of bipolar disorder is that it is a heritable condition in which both genes and environmental influences have an impact. Grande, Berk, Mirmaher, and Vieta (2016) stated that dendritic spine loss in brain tissue can also be included in the pathogenesis of bipolar disorder (p. 1564). The signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder can lead to occupational performance issues, requiring an evaluation from professionals and an intervention plan, including precautions of the disorder. Signs and Symptoms Bipolar disorder can consist of a wide variety of signs and symptoms. Due to the fact that bipolar disorders contain manic episodes and depressive episodes, there are different symptoms for each. According to Grande et al. (2016), during a manic state an individual will often experience an increased motor drive and an amplified mood for at least a one week time frame (p.173). If this were to occur during a hypomanic state, the same symptoms would persist, but for only four days. During a manic or hypomanic episode, there is a possibility for delusions
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