Symptoms And Symptoms Of Bloating

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Home Remedies to Reduce Tummy due to Bloating
Bloating is a very common condition these days that normally occurs due to overeating, anxiety, indigestion, constipation and others. It is a condition in which abdomen feels gaseous and full and is a common condition among both children and adult. The person suffering from bloating can actually become isolated from recreational or social activities. The sufferer use most of the time visit the doctor more often, take more medications and use more sick days. But what are the symptoms of bloating? It is actually vague to define however, most people feels tightness, fullness or swelling in the stomach with frequent burping, pain, gas, etc.
Causes of Bloating
There are many causes of bloating one of the most common causes is the amount of food you eat and the way you eat that accumulate gas in your digestive system. Some other common causes of bloating are:
Irritable bowel syndrome
• Swallowing air
• Inability to digest dairy products or other items
• Intestinal parasites (giardiasis)
• Eating too fast
• Overgrowth of bacteria
• Weight gain
• Heartburn
• Hormonal flux (PMS for women)
• Constipation
• Medications
• Inflammatory bowel disease
Can Bloating be a Symptom of Any Serious Conditions?
Abdominal bloating can actually be a symptom of serious conditions that includes cancer, kidney failure, congestive heart failure, etc. This is because fluid in abdominal cavity can lead to such diseases. Some other diseases

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