Symptoms And Symptoms Of Cancer Related Fatigue

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Cancer-Related Fatigue (CRF) is the most common and debilitating symptoms in cancer patients, with frequency range from 60 to 90% in cancer patients (Yennurajalingam, 2014). CRF is defined as “distressing, persistent, and subjective sense of physical, emotional, and/or cognitive tiredness or exhaustion related to cancer, or cancer treatment that is not proportional to recent activity and interferes with usual function” (Yennurajalingam, 2014). Fatigue may be an isolated problem or a part of group of symptoms, such as pain, depression, decrease appetite, and sleep disturbance (, 2016). The effects of CRF range from temporary indisposition to inability to cope with everyday life activity (Homeber, 2012). CRF affects the patients’ quality of life through influencing physical, psychological and economic/occupational domains. Physical, patients reported diminished energy levels, the need to slow down from normal pace, sense of tiredness, and increased need to sleep or rest. Psychologically, patients fail to push themselves to do things, decreased motivation and interest, and the feeling of sadness, frustration, or irritability during their experiences with fatigue. CRF also interferes with cognitive ability such as concentrating, remembering things and keeping dates straight. Economically, patients with CRF needs to take vacation or sick days as a result of CRF about 4.3 days per months during or after treatment (Yennurajalingam, 2014). Currently, there are different
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