Symptoms And Symptoms Of Depressive Disorders

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Depressive disorders include a group of depressive behaviors characterized by loss of interests in activities and often coupled with unhappiness. Criteria for diagnosing depressive disorders are based on DSM-5 that gives symptoms and periods for different conditions. The clinical criteria cannot function alone it is accompanied psychological and physical evaluation to eliminate diseases that mimic depression. Depressive disorders are caused by a combination of factors including environmental, genetic, biochemical and psychological factors. The interaction cause depressive episodes in individuals. The exhibited symptoms vary from individual to individual they include lack of interest in activities, fatigue, altered sleep patterns, change in appetite, feelings of worthlessness and also suicidal thoughts. Types of depressive disorders include Major Depressive Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder, and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder among others. Treatment includes forms of therapy like psychotherapy and drugs depending on the severity of depression. Family and friends are important in recovery of depressed individuals by offering support needed to follow prescriptions and support during recovery. Depressive disorders are diverse, but they all affect the wellbeing of individuals in relation to their work, social relations, and education needs (NIH, 2015).

Depressive Disorder
Every once in a while an individual experiences sadness and blue moods however…
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