Symptoms And Symptoms Of Drinking Tea And Otc

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CC: Wheezing
HPI (S):
O: 3 years
L: Around chest area radiate to throat
D: Multiple, persistent episodes, specially in the morning
C: musical vibrating sound
A: Aggravated by smoke and other respiratory irritants and vigorous exercise; Relieved by drinking plenty of water, juice, tea and OTC
R: Cough excessive amount of yellow sputum with no odor, difficulty breathing, lack of energy, malaise, fatigue, poor appetite and lost “a little weight” over the past few weeks.
T: Variable, especially in early the morning
S: Wheezing severe with increases difficulty breathing
Home Treatment: Drinking tea, Respitrol
A 55-year-old male with a 2ppd x35 years smoking history presents today with a complaint of wheezing. The patient states the wheezing began 3 years ago with multiple persistent episodes and especially early in the morning. He also states the wheezing feels likes a vibrating musical sound that occurs around the chest area radiate to his throat when he breathes. The patient states that he coughs and sometimes it produces excessive amounts of yellow sputum with no odor. He has difficulty breathing, lack of energy, and malaise. The symptoms are aggravated by smoke, other respiratory irritants, and vigorous exercise and relieved by drinking plenty of water and juice. He also reports that his appetite his poor and that he has lost “a little weight…
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