Symptoms And Symptoms Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a DSM-V anxiety disorder characterized by excessive worry and apprehensiveness about a variety of present and future activities and events. 48 o Six-month duration of anxiety and worry about a number of activities and events o Difficult for the patient to control the worry o Three or more of the following associated symptoms
NOTE: only one item is required for children
Restlessness, feeling on edge
Easily fatigued
Trouble concentrating, or mind goes blank
Muscle tension
Disturbed sleep o Symptoms cause signAcant distress as well as impairment in important domains of functioning {e.g., occupational, social, familial) o Anxiety and worry out of proportion to the impact or severity of the anticipated event, activity, or outcome o Chronic symptomatology, waxing and waning, alternating between threshold and subthreshold Forms

?Threshold generalized anxiety disorder- meets all diagnostic criteria 6 10

?Subthreshold generalized anxiety disorder- the same risk factors, disability, comorbidities treatments, and presentation, except that the criterion for six months duration is not met 10 6

?Early onset (before age 26, in one study); increased comorbidity; relapse is more common 43 31
Adult onset (after age 26, in the cited study) 31


o Excessive worry, anxiety, or apprehension about a variety of events and activities; of at
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