Symptoms And Symptoms Of Major Depressive Disorder Essay

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Signs and Symptom Major Depressive Disorder Sarah presents with more than enough relevant symptoms and signs often associated with Criterion A, for a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder with a recurrent episode. Based on the duration of her symptoms and the fact that she mentions having previous episodes of depression in the past, further reinforced this diagnosis. It is important to note that none of her symptoms are attributed to any medical conditions or etiology. With no current or past history of alcohol or substance abuse/use, it is clear that these symptoms and signs have caused a change of previous functioning as noticed by her sister Gloria. Sarah reported having a depressed mood with crying spells lasting all day, for more than several weeks. Her recurrent (Criterion A1) suicidal ideation without a specific plan are explained as she reported being close to taking all the pills in her medicine cabinet. In this depressed mood, she also reports having chronic feelings of profound emptiness. This essential feature of MDD, along with her self reporting of (Criterion A2) loss of appetite as evidenced by her not going out to buy groceries to eat, could have also contributed to her rapid weight loss. Sarah reported having no energy to do anything and only watching television in bed, which can also be seen as a sign that meets (Criterion A3) of extreme fatigue. Her reporting of not bathing for a week can also meets (Criterion A4) of markedly diminished interest
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