Symptoms And Symptoms Of Manic Depressive Illnesses

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Variations in moods and energy levels have been observed as part of the human experience throughout history. The words "melancholia" (an old word for depression) and "mania" originated in Ancient Greek. The basis of the current concept of manic-depressive illnesses can be traced back to the 1850-s. Since then it has been regarded as a separate condition: "bipolar disorder" and described as illness causing recurrent oscillations between mania and depression. Bipolar disorder is characterized by severe and unusual changes in energy level, mood, and interactions with others. The mood swings associated with bipolar disorder are unpredictable, and range from mania (elevated or irritable mood) to depression (a mood characterized by loss of…show more content…
Signs and symptoms Bipolar disorder is a manic-depressive psychiatric disorder that causes recurrent dramatic mood swings that range from a manic high to a depressive low (for example, they may have outbursts of anger, followed by crying, then a whirlwind of activity, followed by extreme lethargy). Fluctuations alternate over long time periods and appear in cycles throughout life. Between episodes, approximately two-thirds of bipolar patients are free of symptoms (normal mood), with the remainder experiencing residual symptoms. Severe changes in energy and behavior accompany the swings in mood. These episodes are referred to as mania and depression. Manic episodes are commonly associated with: - increased energy, activity, and restlessness, - extreme irritability and reactivity, - provocative, intrusive, or aggressive behavior, - decreased need for sleep and reduced perceived need for sleep, - euphoria (an exaggerated perception of feeling good), extreme enthusiasm and optimism, abnormally intense excitement, elation, excessively high mood, - poor judgment and impulsive behaviors, - social extroversion, excessive friendliness (highly sociable), - feeling more important than one truly is (grandiosity),confidence, inflated sense of self-esteem, unrealistic beliefs in one’s abilities, powers, or importance, - expansiveness, boisterousness, - fast speech, talkativeness; talks loudly, continuously, jumping rapidly from
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