Symptoms And Symptoms Of Nausea

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What Does Nausea Feel Like One of the early signs of pregnancy is nausea, and many expectant mothers experience nausea during early pregnancy. Nausea is usually a common symptom throughout the first trimester or even longer, and it is typically the most complained about symptom that women report. Fortunately, even though nausea can be terribly uncomfortable, it is not harmful to you or your baby. Not surprisingly, first time mothers want to know, what does nausea feel like? What Does Nausea Feel Like? Nausea, or ‘morning sickness’, is usually worse in the mornings and can sometimes last all day. Pregnant women describe morning sickness as resembling motion sickness, indigestion, hunger pains, and dry heaves. Unfortunately for some…show more content…
My husband was afraid to even approach me when I got sick, poor thing, he thought he was the problem. However the real morning sickness didn 't start until after I was six or seven weeks pregnant, then I couldn 't look at, smell, or eat anything for four months. But after thinking about it, I realized that odors were triggering my bouts of nausea. The smell of eggs and garbage was making me nauseous, and by simply changing the breakfast menu over to cold cereal with milk and emptying the trash every day, my symptoms became less intense and frequent.” Gail 26 Why Would I Experience Nausea in Pregnancy? Nobody can say exactly what causes nausea during pregnancy. However, it is probably a combination of the many changes your body is going through and some of the possible causes could include: $ Estrogen: The hormone estrogen increases rapidly during early pregnancy and may contribute to feelings of nausea. $ Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG): This hormone also increases during early pregnancy, and especially if the pregnancy is with twins. While not much is known about its contribution to nausea, the timing suggests that it might increase a mother’s sensitivity to it. $ Enhanced Sensitivity to Odors: It’s very common for pregnant women to be overwhelmed by certain odors. Culprits can include eggs, raw meat,
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