Symptoms And Symptoms Of Panic Attacks

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TERMINOLOGY CLINICAL CLARIFICATION o Agoraphobia is the fear or anxiety about a situation characterized by active avoidance of situations due to thoughts that escape might be difficult or help unavailable if panic-like symptoms occur. [1] CLASSIFICATION o May be classified based on presence of panic attacks [2]:  Agoraphobia with panic attacks  Agoraphobia without panic attacks DIAGNOSIS CLINICAL PRESENTATION History o Agoraphobia is rare with 12-month and lifetime rates of 0.8% and 1.4%, respectively. [1] o Symptoms include [1]: o Fear resulting from thoughts that escape may be difficult, or; o Fear that help may be unavailable if panic-like symptoms occur o Physical symptoms of panic attack include [2, 3]: o Excessive sweating o Sudden flushing or chills o Feeling sick or faint o Upset stomach or diarrhea o Chest pain o Dysphagia o Trembling o Dizziness or lightheadedness o Tinnitus o Cognitive symptoms that the patient may feel include thoughts of [2, 3]: o Life is in danger (patients may be worried that their heart will stop or they are unable to breathe) o Inability to escape from a place or situation in case of a panic attack o Losing sanity or control o Fear of being stared at o Behavioral symptoms [2]: o Avoiding situations and places that could lead to panic attacks o Being housebound for long periods of time. o Needing a companion when going anywhere o Avoiding being far away from home Physical Examination o Patients may present with the following

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