Symptoms And Symptoms Of Panic Disorder

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Development of Panic Disorder According to the American Psychiatric Association et al. (2013), panic disorder has been shown to occur in about two to three percent of adults in the United States. Panic disorders have been shown to occur more in Caucasian individuals than in any other race or ethnicity. Females have been shown to be twice as affected by panic disorders than their male counterparts and the differences between the genders can be seen by the age of fourteen. Although the normal onset for panic disorder in the U.S. is usually twenty to twenty-four years old. There have been some cases in which the disorder appeared in childhood or after the age of forty-five although both are unusual occurrences (American Psychiatric Association et al. 2013). Individuals without treatment may be able to go into remission but usually have a relapse of symptoms within a couple of years (American Psychiatric Association 2013). The start of panic disorder can be traced back to night terrors or fear spells in childhood that can happen when the child is awake or asleep (American Psychiatric Association 2013). Many of the symptoms of panic disorder are not as noticeable in adults as they are in adolescents but adolescents tend to have little worry about reoccurring panic attacks (American Psychiatric Association 2013). Panic disorders are shown to be related to neuroticism, agreeableness, and contentiousness (Spinhoven, Van Der Does, Ormel, Zitman, & Pennix 2013). Individuals with
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