Symptoms And Symptoms Of Psychosis And Its Association With Psychopathology

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• Medication adherence rates in first-episode psychosis and its association with psychopathology is assessed in the present study.
• Poor medication adherence rates were increased from 3.2% at 1-month to 32.2% at 12-month assessment period.
• Positive and negative symptoms and global functioning at 12-months were found to be significantly different in the poor medication adherence group.
• Further research is needed to identify predictive factors of medication adherence and strategies to address these factors to improve medication adherence in first-episode psychosis.
The purpose of the study was to follow-up the individuals with first-episode psychosis for a period of one year to assess their
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The first line of management is low dose antipsychotics; treatment with atypical antipsychotics in low doses have exhibited high remission rates (Crespo-Facorro et al., 2016; Karson et al., 2016). Here, it must be stressed that medication adherence is one of the most important factors independently affecting the remission in first-episode psychosis (Leclerc et al., 2015). Medication adherence improves the outcome through reducing the risk of relapse and fewer hospitalizations. In the other hand, poor medication adherence is associated with poor symptom improvement, higher level of residual symptoms, higher relapse and hospitalization rates and poor quality of life (Lambert et al., 2010). Despite the importance of medication adherence in FEP, many patients do not adhere to the medications. The rate of medication non-adherence varies from 26%-53% for complete discontinuation at the end of first year to 33%-63% of inadequate medication adherence (Lai-Ming Hui et al., 2015).
Various factors have been identified to influence medication adherence such as age, symptom severity, insight, support from the family members, cost of treatment and availability of treatment services in the proximity (Leclerc et al., 2015). But, most of the studies that have explored the factors influencing the medication adherence in FEP have been from the high-income countries but similar kind of a study is
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