Symptoms And Symptoms Of Stress Fractures

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A break in a bone that is caused by repetitive and/or intense exercise and prolonged pressure on the bone is known as a stress fracture. Stress fractures may pass through the entire bone (complete) or partially break (incomplete). SYMPTOMS • Inflammation at the fracture site. • Bleeding (uncommon). • Bruising (uncommon). • Pain and tenderness over the fracture site. • Weakness and inability to bear weight on the injured extremity. • Paleness and deformity (sometimes). CAUSES Stress fractures are the result of repetitive micro trauma of a bone. The bone is injured at a greater rate than it can be healed by the body. This causes the bone to become weak and susceptible to fracture. Stress fractures typically follow changes in: • Training or performance schedule. • Equipment. • Intensity of activity. Women who no longer have their periods are more prone to stress fractures. RISK INCREASES WITH: • Previous stress fracture. • Certain sports associated with specific fractures: ○ Leg: running, soccer, swimming, ballet, basketball. ○ Foot: running, walking, marching, swimming, soccer, ballet. ○ Heel bone: basketball, volleyball. ○ Thigh: running, basketball, jumping. ○ Kneecap (patella): basketball, catching in baseball. ○ Hand: tennis, handball. ○ Forearm: tennis, javelin. ○ Arm: baseball, cricket. ○ Ribs: tennis, baseball, golf, rowing. ○ Spine: gymnastics, football, cricket, water-skiing. • Bone abnormalities
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